Women In Wellness Christmas Party

Women In Wellness Christmas Party

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Beautiful Souls,

I'm over the moon to be hosting an incredible CHRISTMAS PARTY for all the ladies working in the wellness industry (or plan to be)! 

Over the last year, we've had over 120 of you join us for not only delicious suppers but evenings of connection, collaboration, and support for one another. It has been amazing watching you all come together and do what you do best, support and elevate each other. When women come together incredible things can and do happen & we've seen SO much of it this year already. 

As self-employed ladies, Christmas parties and company events don't really exist because we've branched off on our own terms to create a new reality.

Well, I wanted to change that this year and give you an evening to mingle & celebrate all of your wonderful achievements this year with women who want to see you shine!

Now, before I give too much away I would LOVE to invite you to join us for our Christmas Soireé on the 13th of December.


~Delicous food & drinks by Nue Ground ~

~A fabulous bag of goodies~

DATE: 13th December

TIME: 7PM - 10PM

LOCATION: 32 Abbeville Rd, London SW4 9NG

DRESS CODE: Sparkly and fabulous / anything that makes you feel amazing!

Now I must add, that the most amazing feedback I've ever had about the Supper Club is that you feel welcome and included, especially as women who come alone. So please know that even if you haven't been to a Supper Club before, you're so welcome, we'd love love love to have you and get to know you!


‘nue ground - café popular within the local community and a sought-after destination for people traveling from afar. It’s known for its beautiful and inviting spaces, offering a perfect blend of work, relaxation, and social gatherings. Committed to promoting holistic health and sustainability, nue ground sources the finest ingredients from local and sustainable suppliers. Their menu boasts a delightful selection of plant-based options and ethically sourced meat dishes.

In line with its vision of providing a comprehensive holistic experience, nue ground has opened a beautiful wellness studio next door. This boutique studio offers a range of classes and alternative beauty treatments that complement the café's philosophy of nurturing both the body and mind, making nue ground a one-of-a-kind destination for holistic well-being!


The Women In Wellness supper club was just AMAZING. As someone’s who’s fairly new to owning a business in the wellness space, it was so valuable to chat to other women in an informal setting where we could get to know eachother on a personal and business level! Personally, I really valued taking this time out to focus on myself and my business, I feel like we often just try and get through the weeks with our heads down, but having that evening dedicated to networking and making new friends was so worthwhile. Molly - These Girls Run

A gorgeous evening connecting with inspiring & like minded women in the wellness industry! I loved the sticky note exercise of asking the group for their thoughts & ideas on one specific area of our business that we're wanting to grow in 2023. It was an intimate, safe space, full of support - I'll definitely be returning - thank you again! - Nicole Charlotte Coaching

‘Charlotte’s Supper Club was a beautiful, beautiful evening. Her care in every detail was evident throughout the evening. We all had the chance to get to know one another (which was made easy by Charlotte) and we reflected on our businesses, celebrated our wins and joys as well as shared our challenges, and brainstormed together. I took so much away from the evening and I am so excited for the next one and look forward to crossing paths with more wonderful women in the wellness space. Thank you Charlotte!’

Charlotte x