Self Love From The Ground Up

Self Love From The Ground Up

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☾ You want to deeply love and accept the woman you are

☾ You struggle to show up for yourself and are held back by your own limiting beliefs

☾ You know you're destined to do amazing things but struggle to believe in your value and power

☾ You desire to build the life of your dreams but have no idea where to start or what that would look like

☾ You're craving to know what it would feel like to be aligned with your greater purpose in life

☾ A desire to connect with like-minded individuals and start to build your soul tribe - women who support women


Is this even possible for me? you may ask yourself. It 100% is beautiful soul, I have poured 10 years of my personal blueprint into this container.



☾ A 6 week transformational course to elevate your self love & self confidence from the ground up.

☾ 6 weekly live calls with myself & 12 other women

☾ 6 weekly module workbooks to guide you through each teaching with space for reflection & self growth

☾ Lifetime access to the self love community and our course members

☾ 6 weeks of community support

☾ A soul sister pairing for 1:1 support throughout the course



Week 1: Sacred living

Week 2: Gratitude mindset

Week 3: Meditation

Week 4: Period power

Week 5: Inner advocate vs inner critic

Week 6: Micro goals


"One of the wildest and most profound things I ever learned on my self journey was that I could consciously create my reality and transform the way I love myself on a daily basis."

"I am a woman just like you who has muddled through years of self loathing, self abandonment and a whole lack of self love. It is through my personal pain and heartache that I discovered how to transform my life. helping women discover their self love & purpose has been one of my greatest and most fulfilling adventures."

I can't wait to see you inside beautiful soul.

*** FEBRUARY 2023 ***

Sunday 5th 7:30PM BST - Live call 

Sunday 12th 7:30PM BST Live call 

Sunday 19th 7:30PM BST Live call

Sunday 26th 7:30PM BSTLive call 

Sunday 5th 7:30PM BSTLive call 


"I had no idea what to expect from the course and with someone who I wasn’t previously familiar with. I instantly felt at ease with Charlotte facilitating and taking us through the space of the course. Charlotte has a way of making you feel calm, comforted, supported and like you can be exactly you, however, you show up. She is so genuinely positive and grounded and real, it’s so refreshing. I have done coaching before and just when I thought, oh I’ve heard this before, Charlotte presents the material in a fresh and inspiring way which resonated deeply with me. I learnt so many new things that caught me by surprise in the way it seamlessly trickled in to my everyday life and my thinking. I feel so lucky to have come across Charlotte. I highly recommend the course to every woman! It will leave you feeling more grateful for your body and who are you, with actionable tips and rituals to bring inner peace and self love into your every day life"  Felicity, Sydney

"If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired, empowered and guided to be the best version of you - then this 6 week self love program is for you. Charlotte guides you through each module with such grace and care; despite being in a group she tailors elements just for the individual. Being surrounded by others on the journey is also incredibly inspiring and empowering. Do this for yourself you deserve it. I learnt to let go of what others think and be true to myself and am looking forward to the future. Thank you Charlotte" Claire, Melbourne