Self Love From The Ground Up

Self Love From The Ground Up

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☾ You want to deeply love and accept the woman you are

☾ You struggle to show up for yourself and are held back by your own limiting beliefs

☾ You know you're destined to do amazing things but struggle to believe in your value and power

☾ You desire to build the life of your dreams but have no idea where to start or what that would look like

☾ You're craving to know what it would feel like to be aligned with your greater purpose in life

☾ A desire to connect with likeminded individuals and start to build your soul tribe - women who support women


Is this even possible for me? you may ask yourself. It 100% is beautiful soul, I have poured 10 years of my personal blueprint into this container.



☾ A 6 week transformational course to elevate your self love & self confidence from the ground up.

☾ 6 weekly live calls with myself & 12 other women

☾ 6 weekly module workbooks to guide you through each teaching with space for reflection & self growth

☾ Lifetime access to the self love community and our course members

☾ 6 weeks of community support

☾ A soul sister pairing for 1:1 support throughout the course



Week 1: Sacred living

Week 2: Gratitude mindset

Week 3: Meditation

Week 4: Period power

Week 5: Inner advocate vs inner critic

Week 6: Micro goals


"One of the wildest and most profound things I ever learned on my self journey was that I could consciously create my reality and transform the way I love myself on a daily basis."

"I am a woman just like you who has muddled through years of self loathing, self abandonment and a whole lack of self love. It is through my personal pain and heartache that I discovered how to transform my life. helping women discover their self love & purpose has been one of my greatest and most fulfilling adventures."

"I once believed i didn't fit in when I was really on the precipice of discovering that I am wonderfully unique and worthy in all of my ways. every time I speak my truth out loud I am liberated."

I can't wait to see you inside beautiful soul.

** JANUARY 2023 ***

Sunday 15th 7:30PM BST - Live call 

Sunday 22nd 7:30PM BST Live call 

Sunday 29th 7:30PM BST Live call

Sunday 5th 7:30PM BSTLive call 

Sunday 12th  7:30PM BSTLive call