Each Sunday afternoon I look forward to my mentoring sessions with Charlotte. Each session is individually tailored to meet my needs. From the moment the zoom session starts, it is immediately obvious the warmth, compassion and care Charlotte holds in her heart. She makes each and every session a safe place where I always feel safe sharing. Each session is full of its own unique challenges with the aim of helping me reach my highest self. I have loved seeing the differences each session has made in my life, and every step of the way I know I have had the support of Charlotte. These sessions have helped me with my self confidence, my self love, my day to day life and functionality within every day tasks. It has helped shift my inner dialogue to a much more positive stance which means I face each day with a very different outlook. 

Miriam, Melbourne

Thank you so much for tonight's circle and allowing me to open up about personal experiences that I went through. It's so amazing being able to share and open up about things with incredible, strong and empowering women.

Self Love Circle

I was so blessed to have a wonderful chat this morning with @selflovelondonuk it was reaffirming, empowering and challenging. thank you so much Charlotte. You are an earth angel! I am absolutely loving the changes that I've felt empowered to make in order to really embrace my higher self and realise my worth.

Self Love Circle

From my soul to yours