The Inner Love Circle

The Inner Love Circle

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The Inner circle inside scoop 

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re feeling like a deflated balloon, you snoozed the alarm 3 times cause bed was so cosy but now you feel shit cause you missed your meditation and don’t have time for breakfast

You check in with the inner love circle on voxer on your way out the door to see what I your mission for this week is. It’s justtttt what your soul needed to hear to spark your self care and you’re already hearing from other women in the group who are feeling empowered and showing up for themselves! You decide to give the mission a go because deep down you know you want to change your habits. You report back and your whole day feels different - actually, you feel amplified! You dance through the rest of the day because once you’ve done one good thing for yourself you can’t help but do more! 


~ are ready to grow and embody their inner love

~ are committed to keeping accountable AF on their journey

~ are tired of walking this journey alone & desire a conscious connection of women in a supportive "we've got you" environment

~ are hungry to embrace more ways to nurture their mind body & spirit

~ are ready to bring curiosity and depth whilst stepping out of their comfort zone with weekly group support & check-ins via voxer


1 x weekly inner love mission & accountability check-in via voxer

1 x monthly Inner love expert masterclass via zoom

1 x inner love read of the month recommendation

Access to an incredible collective of womxn who are ready to support each other

You’re invited, we want you here. Empowering each other together, making moves together. Your Inner love = activated! 

~Start date Monday 13th February 23